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BPTP NAD History
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Oleh Administrator   
Senin, 23 November 2009 21:04


Entering the beginning of Pelita VI as Long-Term Development II. Agricultural Research and Development Agency to carry out reorganization of the organization more effective and efficient. This step is an essential requirement to enhance the role and contribution of research as the backbone of agricultural development and regional development which is an integral part of national development. Through this reorganization occurred and the consequences of these changes are fundamental enough that it is also an opportunity to achieve better results.

One form of change in the scope of Agricultural Research and Development Agency through the Minister's decision letter No. RI. Is formed 797/Kpts/OT.210/12/1994 Hall / Loka Assessment of Agricultural Technology (BPTP / LPTP), Loka Assessment of Agricultural Technology Banda Aceh was one of 11 BPTP and formed LPTP 6. LPTP Banda Aceh is a merger of ex Central Information Center of Agriculture and asset-Range Research Center Agricultural Research Agency of Palm Garden Experiment Paya Gajah in East Aceh from Manado Coconut Research Center, Coffee Research Center in Aceh Tengah Gayo of the Center for Coffee and Cocoa Research Jember , and Garden Food Crops Experiment Lampineung in Banda Aceh from the Center for Food Crops Research SUKARAMI.

The formation of Banda Aceh LPTP intended for closer research services to the farmers / users and the application of agricultural technology research paradigm that originated from the farmers / users and end users of agricultural technology. The main goal of this Technical Implementation Unit is fake package location-specific agricultural technology to find patterns of efficient farming utilizing agricultural resources optimally and to improve the welfare of the community.

In line with the development of local needs and capacity resources owned, then in 2001 by the Minister of Agriculture decree No. RI. 350/Kpts/OT.210/6/2001 dated June 14, 2001 Loka Assessment of Agricultural Technology, Banda Aceh the status was upgraded to become Research Center for Agricultural Technology. BPTP Banda Aceh is the R & D Agency Unit in areas under and directly responsible to the Head of Central Research and Development of Agricultural Technology.

As science and technology ministry assets in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, Central has also the ability in the field of preparation of materials and for counseling. Its existence is expected to give importance to agricultural development programs in the province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. Beneficial synergistic relationships between BPTP Banda Aceh (which is now the BPTP NAD) and the Regional Government and its agencies in the agricultural sector has been created and continue to be developed.

BPTP NAD is an echelon III Unit Agricultural Research Agency in the area with the working area covers the whole area in the province of Aceh.


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