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Al Muslim Internship Program at Gayo KP PDF Cetak
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Selasa, 27 September 2016 09:13

The Assessment Institute of Agricultural Technology (AIAT) of Aceh and many Universities (State and Private) in Aceh continue their cooperation. Six students from Agricultural Faculty of Al Muslim University carry out an internship program at Gayo KP at Bener Meriah for two months. This program is held in order to gain a better experiences, knowledge and insight about the coffee cultivation as well as a devotion to community and government institutions.

On his speech at the disposal of the six students, Thursday (22/9), Head of BPTP Aceh Ir. Basri AB, MSi explained that the Ministry of Agriculture have formed a partnership with some Universities in advancing the agriculture aspect in both conduct a research and study in the field. "Gayo KP is a research institute especially on coffee, from seeding, planting, pruning, fertilizing, pest and disease control and post-harvest handling," said Basri. He stated that arabica coffee varieties in Gayo KP coming from various countries like USA, Brazil, India, Thailand, New Zealand, Jember Puslitkoka and others.

Meanwhile, Dr. Halus Satriawan, SP, MSi supervisor of Al Muslim University Bireuen expressed gratitude to AIAT Aceh which has been guiding the students for two months in the Gayo Experimental Farm, on learning about coffee. He hopes that in the future this cooperation needs to be held continuously between institutions in order to improve the quality of the graduate from the agricultural faculty of University of Al Muslim, so that become a professional and independent youth.

Field supervisor, Ishar, SST stated that he was ready to assist students who are interested to do research / internship on the cultivation of Arabica Gayo coffee. "We will give the information about the technology and materials ranging coffee seeding to post-harvest," he said.

Asrul, an internship student at Gayo KP admitted that during the internship program he got a lot of experiences, insights and lessons that has not been taught on campus. He claimed to be able to learn in the field directly about coffee is better, because so far he only know coffee as a drink (Ishar/b).

Translator : Halimah Wati Hasan.


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