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Jarwo Super In Aceh Jaya Produce 9,2 Ton PDF Cetak
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Kamis, 13 Oktober 2016 00:00


Rice planting system on Inpari 30 variety with the approach of Jarwo Super in the Village Lageuen, Setia Bakti, Aceh Jaya District produce 9.2 tons / ha, compared to the previous harvest production which is only 6.5 tons / ha. 10 hectares demfarm were harvested on Monday (10/10) that was attended by the head of Libraries (Kapustaka) Ir Gayatri K. Rana, MSc representing the Head of Indonesian Agency For Agricultural Reseach and Development (IAARD), government of Aceh Jaya, Aceh AIAT, The Army of Aceh Jaya subdistrict (Danramil), and 170 farmers.


Besides Inpari 30, other varieties are planted which are consisting of Inpari 22, and Inpago 8 from seedlings to harvest that is accompanied by Indonesian Centre for Rice Research (ICRR) and Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology (AIAT) of Aceh.

The Head of Libraries Center and Development of Information Technology, her speech, said that the event aims to disseminate the innovation and the technology of "Jarwo Super" rice in an effort to optimize the production of rice and achieving self-sufficiency aspect, through the application of suggestion technology components.

According to the Head of Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology (AIAT) of Aceh, Ir. Basri A. Bakar, MSi who guides the discussion explaining that Jarwo Super components is consisted of: (a) New Superior Variety (NSV) high yield potential (b) Biodekomposer, given before tillage, (c) organic fertilizer, (d) Biofertilizer as a seed treatment and balanced fertilization based on Soil Test Device (STD), (e) Pest Control  using organic and inorganic pesticide based on control threshold, and (f) agricultural equipment and machinery, particularly for crops (rice transplanter ) and harvesting (combine harvester). "The technology is proven to be successfully applied to demfarm indicated by the results of an average tile of 9,2 t / ha for Inpari 30, and 8,3 t / ha for Inpari 22," said Basri. (Admin/ b).

Translator : Halimah Wati Hasan


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