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"Rural Agribusiness Development (PUAP)"

Rural Agribusiness Development (PUAP) Rural Agribusiness Development (PUAP) is a form of facilitation of venture capital assistance for farmer members, both farmers owner, tenant farmers, farm workers and farm households were coordinated by Farmers Group Association (union). Farmers Group Association (union) is implementing PUAP farmer institutional venture capital assistance for distribution to members. To achieve maximum results in the implementation of PUAP, Gapoktan accompanied by Labor Counseling Assistance and Supervisor Mitra Tani (PMT). Through the implementation PUAP can be expected Gapoktan economic institutions that are owned and managed by farmers. Based on the problems faced by farmers, PUAP Program Objectives include: Reduce poverty and unemployment through the growth and development of agribusiness activities in rural areas in accordance with the potential of the region; Improve the ability of business agribusiness, Gapoktan Board, Extension and Supervisor Mitra Tani; Empowering farmers and rural economic institutions for the development of agribusiness activities; Improve farmers' economic institutions function into a network or glue partners, financial baga in order to access to capital. PUAP target is as follows: The development of agribusiness in 10,000 poor villages affordable accordance with the agricultural potential of the village; Expanding 10,000 Gapoktan / poktan owned and managed by farmers; Increased welfare poor farm households, farmers / ranchers (owners dn / or tenants) small-scale agricultural laborers; and Development of agribusiness farmers who have business cycles daily, weekly, or seasonal. Indicators of program success Rural Agribusiness Development (PUAP) are: BLM PUAP price signals to farmers, farm laborers and poor farm households Gapoktan members as capital to productive agricultural enterprises; and Facilitating the implementation of capacity building and human resource capabilities Gapoktan manager, Counseling Assistance and Supervisor Mitra Tani.

Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia Number: 01 / Permentan / OT.140 / 1/2014

Technical indicators Rural Agribusiness Development Assistance (PUAP) 2014


Management and Operational Directives for 2011

Litkaji Final Report Year 2010

Litkaji Final Report Year 2011

Litkaji Final Report Year 2013

BLM PUAP Aceh in 2010

Budget absorption and realization PUAP Program in Aceh



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