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Crop Management and Integrated Resource (PTT)

An innovative approach in an effort to improve productivity and efficiency through improved farming systems / approaches in synergistic technology package assembly between components technologies, to be participatory by farmers as well as the specific location.

Integrated Crop Management Field School (FFS-ICM)

Somewhere non-formal education for farmers to improve their knowledge and skills in recognizing potential, farm plan, solve problems, make decisions and implement technologies appropriate to the conditions of local resources and environmental synergistically so that farming becomes an efficient, high and sustainable berproduktivtas.

Institute for Agricultural Technology (BPTP) Aceh as one of the Agency for Agricultural Research and Development Unit has a strategic role in supporting the SL-PTT, because apart from being a source of technology and companion, in the administration of SL-PTT, Ir. M. Nasir Ali is undertaking the SL-PTT rice and corn and Ir. Chairunas, MS as undertaking SL-PTT Soybean.

The main objective of the mentoring is done BPTP is essentially to increase the capacity / technical and managerial capabilities of farmers, particularly in implementing the SL-PTT. Realizing the limited number of researchers and extension BPTP who served as an escort and limited costs, the assistance can not be done directly on thousands of units of SL-PTT. Therefore mentoring is done in the form of the provision of technology, preparation of technical guidelines, testing and demonstration of technology, technology sources, facilitating group meetings, monitoring and evaluation activities.



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