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Vision & Mision

In his capacity as a research institution working unit, AIAT role for the future needs to be increased again to bridge the gap produced by the adoption of technology research institute in the field level of the user. Thus the welfare of farmers can also be improved through an adaptive touch technology, which is economically profitable, is technically easy to implement socially and culturally acceptable to the community.

The results of the research / studies conducted through the assembly AIAT location-specific technologies have been proven to increase the productivity of some agricultural commodities. Therefore AIAT Vision is a research institution / research and agricultural development and participatory proactive to improve agricultural technology innovation in agriculture make tough, modern and efficient agri-business oriented and resource-based vision alam.Berdasarkan the BPTP Aceh mission is to:

1. Assembling, adapting site-specific technological innovations necessary for the development of agriculture and agri-business oriented according to the needs user (farmers).

2. Conducting dissemination of research results / assessment to accelerate the adoption of technology by users.

3. Improve linkages researchers, extension workers with the user of technology to accelerate the adoption of technology.

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