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Experiment Plots

Trial Plots Management Bptp Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam PDF Cetak
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Service - Experiment Plots
Oleh Administrator   
Kamis, 26 November 2009 11:42

Garden Experiment (KP) Paya Gajah in East Aceh, Gayo and KP KP Lampineung under Research Center for Agricultural Technology (BPTP) Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam which was then called Loka Assessment of Agricultural Technology (LPTP) Banda Aceh, according to Minister of Agriculture Decree No. 798 / Kpts / OT/12/1994 dated December 13, 1994. Garden functions as a strategic window of BPTP NAD, as well as foreign exchange can contribute in the form of non-tax revenues. It is necessary for the independent management system oriented agribusiness, so in addition to assets, also can be a place to learn, especially communities of agricultural cultivation with profitable management.
But in fact, up until now have not ordered the Garden Experiments properly because of the limited cost, management, human resources and other non-technical. This causes the non-tax revenues are still low acceptance of KP activity.


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